Live In Care 

Caring Staff

As the famous saying goes, ‘There’s no place like home!’ Our service allows you to stay there, any stay independent. When you need to be taken care of, people prefer to stay comfortable and somewhere that is familiar. Residential homes are a last resort for many. Our service makes all of this possible and keeps those most vulnerable as independent as possible.

The live in care that we offer is for people that need to be supervised around the clock and need constant supervision, within their own home. There are different options regarding live in care. It can be a long term option that leaves you needing care for the rest of your life, or as a temporary option for people that are getting back to full health.

Our company is based around family values so we know that everyone needs to be taken care of differently and has unique needs. This ensures a bespoke service every time, no matter the situation. We take everything we are told from our clients into consideration to make the experience as comfortable and friendly as possible. Friends for life can be made when spending so much time with our family orientated caring staff. We can provide much needed companions for people that may be feeling a little lonely.

Day to day tasks are made so much harder with a disability, that’s why our friendly staff are here for you. Make us your first choice for all of your caring needs.

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Our Live In Carers

Live in carers have to be chosen carefully and trust is a massive part of the job description. They need to be trustworthy and have very personable qualities. All of our live in carers are put through stringent protocol to ensure they are up to the task of 24/7 care work. They are also subject to regular training and appraisals to make sure they have access to the most effective caring strategies. This provides them with the correct tools for doing a great job at being there for every single one of our clients.

Care Matching Service

PureCare take the time to meet with each one of our clients and get a feel for what the best care style and individual would benefit from. We analyse your values and personality, as well as your likes and dislikes. This allows us to make an informed decision as to which one of our carers would best suit your needs. After we think we have found the perfect match, we leave the final say down to the client, who will hopefully see that we only employ the best and we are here to make each client feel as independent as possible.

Each live in carer does require a few home comforts. Their own room is a must, with a comfortable bed and places to store a few personal items. We ask that all of our live in carers get around 2 hours a day to themselves, or a suitable time of similar length throughout the week.